Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Voyage Of Essence

Trapped by the limits of my own mind.
My conscious begs to expand to grasp abstraction, but alone it cannot
four corners keep me in as I stare through the ages.
Killing Unperceived Senses However
with each breath a portal opens to a new plane
a new realm without rules,
a place without judgment, discretion and secrets,
With no physical control.

You are no longer there.
You are no longer here.
You are no longer anywhere.

My new world grows with each strike.
Endless possibilities of joy and happiness.
True but it is not perfect.
Here around each corner lie the vices of paranoia, fear, and anxiety
so look cautiously and care for what you are with
because discomfort will only make it worse
Love So Deep,
that a trip of a lifetime will only leave you speechless
With no mental control.

We are no longer there.
We are no longer here.
We are no longer anywhere.

but in a place like this words are irrelevant,
and actions disregarded,
take a glance at yourself to see the wonder of your mind.
Dreams Maybe Touched,
as your psyche begins to melt,
only to show your true character and colors,
as the rainbow amplifies inside the truth begins to leak
and cognition flourishes as concepts are brought to the light.
Many Deem Misunderstood Apprehension
but accept the mysterious glowing man for who he is
and he will guide you through the journey
With full Spiritual Control

I am now there.
I am now here.
I am now anywhere.