Friday, April 1, 2011

My modern society is hurting,
suffering from a plague worse then death,
the horrific illness is ignorance.
In a society that respects and praises materialistic possessions and things,
and  where we shun intelligence and reason nothing can arise,
all progress is halted. 
We are stuck in a void of failure.
As humans we are the most obscure entities created in our linear world,
a place where a mans worth is measured by his wealth,
and the blood of a terrorist is worth more then the ink of a scholar,
yet we are given a great weakness,
this flaw is a strange and irrational thing....emotions.
These destructive ideas are what will cease the advancement of mankind,
and will lead to our most certain end.
Where morals and teachings are what determine what we will be in our minuscule lives
we are forced to satisfy our own greedy needs,
then to focus on the advancement of our species,
and so there is nothing left for us to look forward to,
but the controversial ideas of a radical thinker.


  1. Nice post! I like to see thought being put down in the blogs instead of lolcats. Great job, followed! Check out my blog, I have a feeling you might like it!

  2. Finally a well thought out post not like others where its all random youtube videos

  3. Very nice poetic work :D If you ever need abit of media check out my blog please :) Following btw because I'd love to see more of this

  4. very inspirational poem, I agree with most of it

  5. Very touching poem. I'd like to see more of these from you.

  6. Great post, but next time use bigger font. It's hard to read such small text

  7. Interesting! I especially like how you mentioned we are obscure entities in a linear world.

  8. very moving poem. kinda depressing

  9. Beatnik snaps for you. Very deep, very cool.

  10. wow... that's some nice talent you've got there... I think it's deep... wow... impressive... :)

  11. That's... actually a lot better then i expected!

  12. really touching poem, nice!

  13. did you write this? It's amazing

  14. good stuff bro!!!! like the poem, so true. ignorance is contagious i swear

  15. The punctuation of the poem is rather interesting, if you pause and stop and commas and periods respectively it flows a lot different out loud.